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Authentic Chinese Menu


spicy A01. Homemade Szechuan Style Sausage 9.95
A02. Scallion Roasted Beef Pancake Roll 8.50
A03. Scallion Pancake 5.95
spicy A04. Wontons in Red Chili Sauce 7.50
spicy A05. Dan Dan Noodle 7.50
spicy A06. Cold Chicken w. Szechuan Sauce 7.95
spicy A07. Spicy Jelly Noodle 7.50
spicy A08. Beef Fillet and Tripe 9.50
spicy A09. Hot Spicy Duck Mixes 8.95
A10. Fried Chicken Wings 7.50
A11. Fried Tofu 5.95
A12. Edamame 4.95
A13. BBQ Spare Ribs 8.50


T01. Tomato Egg Drop Soup(4 serves) 9.95
T02. Minced Chicken and Corns Soup(4 serves) 10.95
T03. Seafood Chowder Soup (4 serves) 11.95
T04. Minced Beef Tofu Soup(4 serves) 11.95

Pan Fried Fish / Hot Mixes

spicy Pan Fried Fish Pot 29.95
spicy Hot Mixes Pot 24.95

Duck & Chicken

D01. Peking Duck (1/2) 25.95
spicy C01. Kung Pao Chicken 12.95
C02. Moo Goo Gai Pan 12.95
spicy C03. Sliced Chicken w. Rattan Pepper 15.95
C04. Chicken w. Mushrooms 17.95
spicy C05. Chongqing Style Chicken 13.95
spicy C06. Xinjiang Style Chicken 21.95
C07. Trumpet Mushroom w. Chicken 13.95
C08. Chicken w. Tea Tree Mushrooms 16.95


spicy P01. Hot Spicy Kidney 16.95
spicy P02. Intestines w. Peppers 15.95
P03. Shredded Pork w. Bean Sauce 12.95
P04. Pork w. Garlic Sauce 12.95
P05. Dried Tofu w. Shredded Pork 12.95
P06. Braised Pork Belly in Brown Sauce 17.95
P07. Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs 18.95
spicy P08. Sauteed Vermicelli Noodle with minced Pork 12.95
spicy P09. Szechuan Style Double Cooked Pork Belly 13.95
spicy P10. Grandma Homemade Pork Belly 15.95
P11. Pork Belly w. Fried Whole Eggs 15.95
P12. Jumbo Meatballs in Brown Sauce 14.95
P13. Stir Fried Chinese Bacon w. Leeks 14.95
P14. Bamboo Shoot w. Chinese Bacon 15.95
spicy P15. Stir Fried Chinese Sausage w. Leeks 14.95
spicy P16. Szechuan Style Hot Mixes 24.95


spicy G01. Griddle Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables 16.95
spicy G02. Griddle Beef w. Mixed Vegetables 16.95
spicy G03. Griddle Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetables 16.95
spicy G04. Griddle Intestines w. Mixed Vegetables 18.95
spicy G05. Griddle Beef Steak w. Mixed Vegetables 18.95

Lamb & Beef

spicy L01. Hibachi Lamb Rack 29.95
spicy L02. Lamb on Toothpicks 15.95
spicy L03. Stir Fried Lamb 15.95
spicy L04. Lamb with Cumins 14.95
spicy L05. Lamb with Cilantros 14.95
spicy B01. Boiled Sliced Beef 16.95
spicy B02. Sliced Beef w. Soft Tofu 16.95
spicy B03. Beef with Cilantros 14.95
spicy B04. Beef with Cumins 14.95
spicy B05. Hibachi Szechuan Beef 19.95
B06. Beef Stew w. Potatoes 16.95
B07. Trumpet Mushroom w. Beef 15.95
spicy B08. Steak Slices w. Enoki Mushroom & Rattan Pepper 18.95


spicy S01. Boiled Whole Fish w. Rattan Pepper 24.95
spicy S02. Boiled Whole Fish w. Hot Chili Sauce 24.95
spicy S03. Whole Fish w. Pickled Cabbage 24.95
S04. Fried Whole Fish w.Sweet and Sour Sauce 24.95
spicy S05. Boiled Fish Fillets w. Hot Chili Sauce 16.95
spicy S06. Fish Fillets w. Rattan Peppers 16.95
spicy S07. Fish Fillets w.Pickled Cabbage 16.95
spicy S08. Boiled Fish Fillet 16.95
spicy S09. Fish Fillet w. Soft Tofu 16.95
spicy S10. Fish Fillets w. Red Chili 16.95
S11. Fish Fillets w. Black Bean Sauce 16.95
spicy S12. Hot Spicy/Salt Pepper Fish Fillet 15.95
S13. Salt and Pepper Squid Ring 13.95
S14. Fish Fillets w. Sweet Sour Sauce 18.95
S15. Napa w. Dried Sea Baby Shrimp 13.95
S16. Shrimp w. Asparagus 15.95
S17. Salt and Pepper Shrimp 14.95
S18. Coconut Shrimp 14.95
S19. Golden Sand Shrimp & Corns 18.95


V01. Stir Fried Bok Choy 12.95
V02. Snow Peas Tips with Garlic 14.95
spicy V03. Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce 11.95
V04. Candied Sweet Potato 13.95
spicy V05. Ma Po Tofu 12.95
V06. Golden Sand Soft Tofu 12.95
V07. Mushroom w. Soft Yuzi Egg Tofu 13.95
V08. Chinese Yam w. Black Wood-Ear Mushroom 13.95
spicy V09. Dry Sauteed Green Beans 10.95
V10. Golden Sand Cabbage 12.95
spicy V11. Stir Fried Cabbage w. Chili Pepper 11.95
V12. Stir Fried Cabbage 11.95
V13. Stir Fried Trumpet Mushroom 12.95
V14. Pan Fried Eggs and Tomato 10.95

Hand Made Dumpling

A00. Shrimp and Pork Steamed Dumplings (10) 11.95
Lamb and Carrots Steamed Dumplings (10) 11.95
Chicken and Carrots Steamed Dumplings (10) 10.95
Fish and Pork Steamed Dumplings (12) 15.00

Noodle & Rice

spicy N01. Hot and Sour Rice Noodles 8.50
spicy N02. Spicy Sour Intestines Clear Noodle Soup 10.95
spicy N03. Spicy Sour Intestines Noodle Soup 10.95
spicy N04. Hot Spicy Beef Noodle Soup 12.95
N05. Beef w. Noodle Soup 12.95
N06. Pork w. Shredded Radish Noodle Soup 10.95
N07. Tomato Egg Noodle Soup 10.95
N08. Beef Chow Fun 11.95
N09. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle 14.95
R01. Yangzhou Style Fried Rice 11.95
R02. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice 11.95
R03. Chicken Egg Fried Rice 10.95
R04. Shrimp Egg Fried Rice 10.95
R05. Roast Pork Egg Fried Rice 10.95